Share your menu

Congratulations, you are now done creating your menu! You are now ready to share your menu.

There are 3 main ways to share your online menu:

  • Social media link in bio or posts (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter)

  • QR code at your physical location

  • Add your menu to your restaurant's Google and Yelp listing

This will increase your social traffic and start to rank up your establishment's menu website in Google search.


MenuStripe will keep track of all click and QR code scan analytics for you. You could access these in your dashboard by clicking on the 3 dots on your menu and selecting the Statistics tab. More on this in the analytics section.

Share on social media

See how one of MenuStripe's customers shares their menu link on their Instagram.

Share QR code

MenuStripe has a built-in QR code generator for your menu. In a few clicks, you may either download or print a QR code of your menu so you can share it at your physical location or on business cards.

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